Update: New additions and plans

Hi folks,

Two sections are getting additional options in the newest version of Groundswell:

  • Breathe 
  • Touch

Breathe includes two new patterns: the default is still 3-3-4, but you can choose a quicker pace, 2-1-3, or a longer pace, 4-7-8. I personally find 3-3-4 a pretty natural rhythm to focus on when trying to control my breathing, but 2-1-3 is excellent for folks not in crisis who want to get started with mindful breathing, and 4-7-8 is a common recommended pattern for anxiety. You can adjust which one you'd like to practice using the slider.

Touch has two new patterns/play options: a worry stone-style circle to trace, and a ball to move around the screen (please note that the ball will lock into a place that is not where you set it down - I'm working on this for the next update). You can change options by swiping the screen. I've also (hopefully) clarified that you need to maintain contact with the pattern/circle/ball in order to keep the music going, and edited the audio to remove the silence at the beginning of the track. All three pages use the same music, but more options will be provided in the next update.

Other updates include the option to use it in portrait and landscape mode, which will hopefully fix some of the issues I've been having in mobile. I'll continue working to make this a Very Good Tool For The Circumstances.

Next update

Speaking of, my plans for the next version of Groundswell will (hopefully) include the ability to toggle your music choices and leave the ball where you drop it in Touch, and I'm currently exploring the possibility of creating a scroll-able, organisable library of options in WatchListen, and Explain. My central goal is to always make the most useful things as easily accessible as possible in a crisis - hence the original release have fewer options as I work out the details of adding more. However, I want this to be an app/program that can be organised/customised when you're not in immediate need of it.

I've also been talking to an actual developer, because I do have a bigger wish list than what I'm currently capable of doing, and I would like to create this as an actual app available to download to your device and access from your homescreen. In the meantime, if it's proving useful, try saving the link to the game to your homescreen.

Thank you for any feedback and suggestions you've offered - I hope this helps.



groundswell 0.2.1.zip Play in browser
Aug 27, 2018


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Hey Laurie,

this is so cool!

I am so proud of you!

The back up page is particularly interesting to me because as you know I have been in situations where I can't communicate but am completely lucid. I would find this so helpful if I was in a situation where I did not know the people around me. So cool. I will def share this with people who I think would like/find it helpful.